The Little Dogs Story


Alainns Tale

This is little Alainns story. She is a little terrier dog who was orphaned very young

 This is her when she was just a baby

Alainn Dogs Tale

A Little Dogs Story
By Joseph Boyle

My Story, by Alainn

My name is Alainn. I am a very lucky little dog. I have a nice owner who I call Daddy.
I know hes not really my Daddy, but he is to me.
When I was very tiny and all alone, he came and took me home.

I dont know
what happened before that, but I was very cold and scared.
When we got home there was another dog called Beauty there.
She was so
big I was frightened, but there was no need to be.
She just came over and
licked me and told me not to be afraid.

I was so cold I snuggled up to her
in her bed, and felt very safe.
A little dog called Hope came to live with us eventually. (you can read
about that in another place)

We have been here together ever since and I will tell you all about it.
Some people forget that we are there. They dont care if we are sad or 
lonely, or hungry.
 We however are lucky doggies who have a daddy to look afer us.